Beginning 2015



MGML-Material-Workshop in Illeret with Theresa Stamm and Ruth Würzle

Development of learning materials for language and number acquisition







MGML-Teacher-Workshop in Aiy’beete, Illolo and Nang‘olei with volonteer Philipp Laurer





Prototypes of learning materials are tested in the manyatta community schools in Illolo, Nang’olei und Aiy’beete before they are revised and made ready for printing



Daasanach-Frauen bei der Materialerstellung




INES workers produce the learning material, print and laminate the material cards and sow the donkey’s carrier bags in Illeret


Mid 2015

Workshop Materialentwicklung



Cooperative learning material development of Daasanach and Mathematics

Prototypes are tested in manyatta community Schools






MGML teacher Training Workshop with newly introduced introdcution ladder of learning for nursery School in Illeret








Design of the activity cards are set. Pictures show the children which materials they need for the respective activity and with whom to learn cooperatively.


End 2015







Prototypes of donkey carrier bags and learning materials made of leather and cloth are sown in Illeret