Edwin K. Changamu – INES pedagogical leader

This is Edwin K. Changamu. Since 2016 he has been the pedagogical leader of the Kenyan INES team, managing and overseeing all different parts of the project: material production, teacher training, mobile schools and staffing. Before joining INES, Mr Changamu has been working as a governmental teacher with Daasanach children for many years. In his highly devoted educational work with pupils and parents he came to realize that the Daasanach pastoralists need mobile schools with local teachers who are also pastoralists themselves.


Goosh Kwanjang – INES linguist and translator

This is Goosh Kwanjang. Since 2015 he has been working as a translator for INES. He is the most experienced Daasanach linguist, since he has also been working for Bible Translation & Literacy for many years. BTL translated the Bible into the mothertongue of the Daasanach, compiled a first Daasanach dictionary as well as literacy primers for adults.
Mr Goosh has been very essential in writing children’s stories and all sorts of reading activities for the learning materials of INES. He is also supporting INES with the composition of handbooks for the teacher training.

Bonaya Yierar – INES teacher trainer and material production

This is Bonaya Yierar. Since 2014 he has been supporting the development of learning materials for the Daasanach ladder of learning, finding culturally adequat learning tasks, writing reading stories and producing first material prototypes which were then tested with local nomadic children.
In 2016 he started working as a mobile school teacher for illiterate women who are working for INES and girls living temporarily in Illeret. Here, the concept of mobile schools with the learning system Ladders of Learning was tested and revised.
Since 2017 he is part of the teacher training team, supporting Theresa Schaller and Ruth Würzle as translator and assistant trainer.