Edwin K. Changamu – pedagogical management

Edwin K. Changamu has been the pedagogical manager of the Kenyan INES team since 2016. Besides staffing, his responsibilities include the organisation and implementation of teacher training and the professional support of mobile teachers in schools. Before joining INES, Edwin Changamu worked for as a governmental teacher at the two primary schools in Illeret. Through his committed pedagogical work with students and their parents, he recognized the urgent need for mobile schools, which are run by local, mobile living teachers.

Eveline Momanya – material development and production

Eveline Momanyi has been involved in the development and production of learning materials since 2019. She leads the local INES team in the production and proper packaging of learning materials, which are handed out to the teachers after their training. Before joining INES, she worked as a primary school teacher and vice principal at a primary school in Illeret and in Wajir County. Together with her husband Edwin, she has been living in the Daasanach region for many years now, knowing its culture and the urgent need for mobile schools.

Bonaya Yierar – translation and piloting

Bonaya Yierar has been working on the development of the mobile school system since 2014 and supports the search for culturally appropriate learning activities, he writes reading stories and tests material prototypes with local children. Since 2016, he has been working as a mobile school teacher at the so-called campus school, which is attended by children temporarily living in Illeret. Since 2017, he has been translating and supporting the teacher trainers.

Goosh Kwanjang – translation and linguistic support

Goosh Kwanjang has been working as a linguist and translator for INES since 2015. In the entire Daasanach language region he has the longest experience in writing the orally handed down language, having worked for BibleTranslation & Literacy (E.A.) for many years. BTL translated the Bible into the Daasanach mother tongue, has published a first dictionary and two course books on adult literacy. Goosh Kwanjang has written many children’s stories and all kinds of reading activities for INES learning materials. He also supports INES in compiling manuals for the training of mobile teachers.

Lydia, Monan, Dan und Rose – material production

Lydia (first from left), Monan (fifth from left), Dan (seventh from left) and Rose (not in the picture) have been working in different constellations for INES since 2016. They cut, laminate, knot, sew, embroider, file and sort the various learning materials out of wood, recycled rubber, fur, pearls, fabric, wire and paper.