Freia Dondorf is back in Illeret and leads a tailoring workshop for bags and sacks, which are necessary for the Mathematics learning materials. The cutting patterns and prototypes were developed in advance with Edwin Changamu and Eveline Momanyi.

After the Christmas holidays, the INES campus school in Illeret reopens. The new learners are introduced to the learning activities and the system by the Introduction ladder of learning. Edwin Changamu observes regularly and supports Bonaya Yierar.

After the INES office in Kenya had to be closed due to COVID, first relaxations of travel and work restrictions in Kenya have now been granted. Edwin and Eveline were able to return to Illeret at the end of June and continue with the production of the Mathematics ladder of learning, as well as, visit the two mobile schools.

The first internet phone calls and e-mail correspondence between Edwin, Theresa and Ruth are now finally possible again and together they try to continue the valuable cooperation work, which otherwise of course took place in real life, now, however, by sending PDF files and photos and talking over the internet as best they can.

Theresa and Ruth continue to develop the Mathematics ladder of learning in Germany, convert the teacher training into a manual and workshop handbook that can be implemented by Edwin and prepare the future ladders of learning development projects for the subjects English and Kiswahili for Edwin and Eveline.

In July, a new teacher training group of Daasanach pastoralists gathered in Illeret. Edwin Changamu and Jacob Long’ada give an insight into the mobile school system and the work of a mobile teacher.

In November Father Florian, Edwin Changamu, Eveline Momanyi and Ruth Würzle meet for three weeks in Nairobi. Together, they purchase fabric for the material bags, print 20 sets of ladders of learning, discuss the challenges of the mobile teachers and plan the teacher workshops for 2021. With the conceptual and graphic support of Ruth Würzle, Edwin Changamu and Eveline Momanyi have started with the development of the ladders of learning for the subjects English and Kiswahili.