Father Florian and Edwin Changamu officially hand over the materials in February and Jacob Long’ada starts his mobile school. The children get to know the system, the activities and the learning materials of the Introduction ladder of learning.

Advanced learners in Joshua Esho’s mobile school work independently with the Daasanach ladder of learning, while Joshua Esho uses the Introduction ladder of learning to introduce a group of new learners to the system in school.

Material development of the next Mathematics learning materials is progressing in Germany and Kenya. In Illeret, sets of the first Mathematics milestones are produced.

The teachers Joshua Esho, Bonaya Yierar and Jacob Long’ada participate in various INES teacher education workshops in Illeret. After the workshops the teachers return to their mobile schools with new ideas, skills and additional learning materials.

Currently there are three INES schools running: the campus school of Bonaya Yierar, the mobile school of Joshua Esho and the newly launched mobile school of Jacob Long’ada. All three schools are regularly visited by Theresa Schaller, Ruth Würzle and Edwin Changamu to support the teachers in their tasks.

Edwin Changamu and Eveline Momanyi learn the next milestones of the Mathematics ladder of learning.

Mathematical stories are written together with Dan and photos are taken for the next milestones (e.g. “Goods & Money”).

The INES team in Illeret works on the production of the first five sets of milestones of the  Mathematics ladder learning. They print, cut, laminate, bind, sow and craft.