Mobile Schools for Daasanach Pastoralists

Father Florian on his way to the monastery

Father Florian on his way to the monastery

Father Florian has been active as a Benedictine missionary in Kenya since 1984. In 2002 he took over the mission to the nomadic people in the north of Kenya close to the Ethiopian border.

His work, explained impressively in his book (in German) „Weil es etwas Größeres gibt“ (‘Because there is something greater’) covers not only the teaching of the Christian faith but also mainly help with the building of wells, the running of a technical workshop, help in everyday life and schooling for the nomad children.

His long experience of mission work taught Father Florian about the everyday challenges facing the nomadic people, and in particular that the existing schools are inadequate for the education of nomadic children. Conversations with the families revealed that parents support their children going to school when the school comes to them and moves around with them.

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The task therefore is to initiate a basic region-wide school education system in the tribal area of the Daasanach People east of Lake Turkana that suits their nomadic life style and their specific interests and needs. In the years to come the plan is to develop a new schooling system for the people in and around Illeret. New teaching materials will be created that are better adapted to the knowledge needed by the nomad children.The new schools will also be mobile so as to be able to travel with the nomad families and their herds.

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