Cooperative School Development

Theresa Schaller                                          &                                                Ruth Würzle

are consultants in pedagogical development cooperation.

From February 2015 until December 2017 they have been working as scientific assistants for the INES project as well as a second school development project in Ongata, Nairobi at the Chair of Education at the University of Regensburg. Since January 2018 the two cosultants are employed at the AGEH, Cologne for the mobile school project INES.

Theresa Schaller and Ruth Würzle supervise the development, implementation and evaluation of the first mobile schools for Daasanach pastoralists based on the learning system Ladders of Learning. For this purpose travel to the cooperation partners in Northern Kenya on a regular basis.

The two consultants support INES in the areas school foundation & development, teacher training & coaching, leadership & governance as well as material development & production. The current project focus is the conceptualisation and establishment of five mobile schools and the development and implementation of teacher trainings for the mobile community teachers. Besides the development and adaption of the Introduction Ladder of Learning („Early Learning“) and the Daasanach Ladder of Learning („Mother tongue“) the two consultants conceptualize a Ladder of Learning for Mathematics as well as Life Studies („Science“, „Social Studies“ and „Religion“). Additionally, they tain the Kenyan pedagogical leader of INES in leadership and governance and provide him with tools for his day-to-day tasks.