With the support of consultant Ruth Würzle, Edwin Changamu facilitates several teacher workshops in Illeret. The teachers are introduced to the system of Ladders of Learning (group 3) and trained for mobile teaching with the Introduction ladder of learning (group 2) and the Daasanach ladder of learning (group 1).
In March and April, Edwin Changamu and Eveline Momanyi meet Ruth Würzle in Nairobi. Together they develop the concepts for the English ladders of learning (orange) and the Kiswahili ladder of learning (brown) for the grades 1 – 3 of the Kenyan curriculum. The first learning and teaching units (milestones) are created on the computer using the cooperate design card system.
On his motorcycle Edwin Changamu regulary rides to the mobile schools of Joshua Esho, Jacob Long’ada, and Dan Losit to check on things and to find solutions to various organizational issues.
Another 6 mobile schools are in the making. After the confirmation of the candidates by the elders from the mobile communities, Grace, Mary, Gurah, Kong’odo, Paul and Daniel have now the task to make first teaching attempts with morning circle, stories, songs and small learning tasks about sounds, letters and numbers.
The learning materials of the Mathematics Ladder of Learning (grade 1 – 3 of the Kenyan curriculum) are printed in Illeret, cut, laminated, bound and packed in transportable bags together with the colourful bead materials and other three-dimensional learning materials made of leather, rubber and fabric.