Together with Bonaya Yierar the teacher training module 1 takes place in Illeret with a group 2 of three new teacher trainees.

The advanced teacher trainee group 1 with Joshua Esho und Jeremiah Teete is introduced to the Daasanach Ladder of Learning in the teacher training module 3.

The mobile schools of Joshua Esho and Jeremiah Tete continue. Esho has one group of learners working with the Introduction Ladder of Learning the other group has started with the Daasanach Ladder of Learning. Jeremiah Teete’s group is still continueing with the Introduction Ladder of Learning.

The local teacher trainer Bonaya Yierar is trained in various topics of teacher training, workshop facilitation and coaching. With the support of the two consultants he took over parts of the teacher training module 1.

Edwin Changamu is trained in practical topics of leadership, communication und management.

The two volunteers Bärbel Löffler and Corinna Böcker raised the mathematical knowledge of future pupils and incorporate the data into the development of math learning materials.